Friday, 4 October 2013

Matt Stryker vs Chad Collyer - Submission Match Rules

Every so often, during my frequent wrestling-watching sessions on YouTube, I come across a match that makes me really sit up and take note: it seems to capture the essence of why I love professional wrestling.   I will watch the match a number of times and think "Yes! this is what pro wrestling means to me".  

It is certainly not always the same type of match, nor does it always feature the same type of wrestler.  These "Yes!" wrestling moments can be evenly-matched technical back-and-forth bouts, and they can equally be brutal, one-sided squash jobs.  They can be long 20-minute battles or a quick three-minute demolition.  It all depends on my mood.   However, they do usually require at least one of the wrestlers to wear some nice snug trunks and some proper wrestling boots with laces.

The match below, with Matt Stryker and Chad Collyer, from a few years ago, is one of these "Yes!" wrestling moments.  There is plenty of down-on-the-mat wrestling, technical skill, submission attempts, a relatively slow pace to the fight, yet plenty of action.  And, of course, both wrestlers are wearing gorgeous trunks and nice boots, looking every inch what I think a pro wrestler should look like.


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